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Software, tips and labs about FaaS and Serverless technology


Software, tips and labs about FaaS and Serverless technology

Cleuton Sampaio

Create a Java Function

Let’s create a Java function and serve it with Open FaaS, fully Serverless. This function is the one I used in the first article when I installed it on AWS Lambda. It gives the digital signature of a text.

source code demonstrates how simple it is to create a function for the Open FaaS environment. :

import com.openfaas.model.IHandler;
import com.openfaas.model.IResponse;
import com.openfaas.model.IRequest;
import com.openfaas.model.Response;

public class Handler implements com.openfaas.model.IHandler {

    public IResponse Handle(IRequest req) {
        Response res = new Response();
        String [] parameters = req.getBody().split(":");
        System.out.println("Parameters: " + req.getBody());
        String returnValue = "";
        try {
            returnValue =  "Signature is " + verify(parameters[1],parameters[0],"*","meucertificado","teste001");
            System.out.println("Return: " + returnValue);
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            res.setBody("Exception :" + ex.getMessage());
	    return res;

As you can see, the function gets an instance of IRequest and returns an instance of IResponse. It should implement the interface com.openfaas.model.IHandler which only has the method handle().

It really is very simple!

I just inserted the Signature.Java code into it and that’s it!

How to create the function

First, you must create a function by downloading the Java template (can be 8 or 12):

faas-cli new --lang java8 signature

Then you “insert” your class or method. That’s what I did. When ready, copy the files build.gradle and settings.gradle over the ones it generated. Why? Well, first, I’m using two Maven libraries and I need to make some modifications to build.gradle:


dependencies {
    implementation 'commons-codec:commons-codec:1.13'
    compile group: 'commons-io', name: 'commons-io', version: '2.6'

This is to download the commons-codec and commons-io that I am using.

Then you need to change the function name in “” within settings.gradle.

Note: The OpenFaaS team’s decision to use Gradle is unfortunate. They are trying to push a tool when the default for Java is Maven. Really unfortunate.

Ok, now is the time to build:

sudo faas-cli build -f signature.yml

If everything is ok, deploy it:

faas-cli deploy -f signature.yml

And you can execute the function via Console or invoke using the function URL:

Or you can post a request with CURL:

curl -d "This is a sample textfile: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" -X POST http://localhost:8080/function/signature

This hex text is the signature of the phrase “This is a sample textfile”.

If you want to use another format, like JSON, it’s very simple.

Anything you type in stdout will be logged by Open FaaS and you can log it with the command:

faas-cli logs signature
2019-12-13T16:49:09Z 2019/12/13 16:49:09 Metrics listening on port: 8081
2019-12-13T16:49:16Z 2019/12/13 16:49:16 stdout: Parameters: This is a sample textfile: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
2019-12-13T16:49:16Z 2019/12/13 16:49:16 stdout: InputStream:$JarURLInputStream@44f88448
2019-12-13T16:49:16Z 2019/12/13 16:49:16 stdout: Return: Signature is true
2019-12-13T16:49:16Z 2019/12/13 16:49:16 POST / - 200 OK - ContentLength: 17
2019-12-13T16:49:16Z 2019/12/13 16:49:16 stdout: Request / 17 bytes written.